Here we go!

This week, the Alpine Initiative, in their bulletin, sends a call to join whatsalp on our tour through the alps. Interested people are kindly invited to register on this website (you can do that here). Thanks a lot to the Alpine Initiative for supervising the hiking office of whatsalp!

Sabine Bade and Wolfram Mikuteit, authors of the thrilling book “Partisanenpfade im Piemont”, have published the project whatsalp on their own blog. Thanks for this initiative, which we can only recommend for imitation!

We are looking forward to many registrations for joining us and in the summer to a lot of interesting meetings and discussions. Everyone (even the couch-hikers) are invited, to join the blog with comments and ideas.

1 thought on “Here we go!

  • Dear Friends,
    I’ve just casually got to your website and interesting project.

    I’m also going to walk Via Alpina red track next summer with a slightly different project (see website below).
    Basically, I’m going to complete my “second half” journey in about 60 days from Edolo (Valcamonica, Brescia) to Montecarlo.
    It would be nice to meet you somewhere in the Alps.

    If interested I can send you my journey plan, or you can do the same with yours.

    Hope to get in touch with you.
    Kind regards and best wishes


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