Join us on our hike through the alps.

Wien - Nice

3rd of June - 29th of September

How is the image of the Alps changing over the decades? What traces do people and natural events leave in the landscape? Between June and September 2017, under the name whatsalp a group of alpine enthusiasts will trek from Vienna to Nice through the Alpine region. Whilst on foot, the walkers want to document the current state and the changes of the Alpine regions along their journey. It is about the beauty and potential destruction of the Alps, regarding the overuse and under under-utilization of alpine cultural landscapes, and the living conditions of the population. An important guideline of this thematic long distance hike is the Alpine Convention for a sustainable development of the Alpine regions.

Along the whatsalp route, the group will join various site meetings with interested parties on location about current issues and topics. It is possible for others who are interested to join, however the whatsalp will not be running as a guided tour, individuals who wish to take part will have to organise themselves.

The whatsalp hike largely follows the route the TransALPedes Group took 25 years ago. This allows comparisons to be made between the situation in 1992 and today, but may also offer a view for the future. During the hike, the experiences and encounters are continually reported in writing, pictures and sound. The project is carried out in collaboration with the International Committee for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA) and the Alpen-Initiative.


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